Andrex Sheabutter

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This is the old domain abandoned by Andrex and brought by me and gas nothing to do with andrex or andrex shea butter

If you have reached this page by clicking one of the many links from news articles then let me tell you a bit about the history of the website.

Andrex started their own line of Lingerie called Andrex Sheabutter which sold for £10 a pair and they had a event in London where models dressed in Lingerie stood outside with andrex bags to promote the said lingerie, some of them even worse andrex toilet paper.

I don’t believe it was very popular as the website closed down a few years later.

I will make a better more detailed page on the history some time soon.

I am in no way shape or form associated with andrex this website will only be used to talk about the history of Andrex Lingerie.